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Hemmings Dumps on Small Pub

Hemmings staffer takes the low road.

14May2012 | | 9 comments | | Continued
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Don’t Laugh, Pub’s Index on Floppy

Shameful enough that some publishers build a website  in 2008 that hearkens back to the era of dial-up. So what could be more bizarre than marketing your magazine’s article index on a floppy diskette? One look at Collectible Automobile is enough to confirm their production values and graphics are deeply rooted in an era when phones rang [...]

5Feb2008 | | 0 comments | | Continued
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    • I think it's all over for AQ. The demographics have changed, and most of the compelling articles and interesting cars ...
      Dominic Lombardo | 19Jul14 | More
    • wouldn't it be a dream come true if a car guy like JAY LENO would revive this fine publication!
      larry | 17Jul14 | More
    • I too, was a long-term subscriber to AQ and had recently renewed in late 2012. I feel very fortunate ...
      Bob Byers | 16Jul14 | More
    • The exact address : For those who don't know it yet, for real old car fanatics, there is an excellent ...
      Robert | 9Jul14 | More
    • i just discover all this correspondance about the defunct AQ. I am just as desappointed as all of you! It has ...
      Robert Kohler | 9Jul14 | More
    • I am truly sorry to read about the demise of AQ. I have known for a while that something was ...
      Steve | 8Jul14 | More
    • Every single one of us on this forum would love to have AQ return to life. However, given the way we ...
      John | 3Jul14 | More
    • Just hit this forum. I, too, would love to see AQ re-energize, in a fresh and energetic fashion. I once ...
      Tracy Powell | 2Jul14 | More
    • I subscribed for issue #1, Volume 1 and continued through Volume 52,#4 (the last three of which were never received. ...
      Rich | 30Jun14 | More
    • With all the speculation about AQ here, it seems like someone should inquire with Kaye Bowles-Durnell about what is actually ...
      Vassari | 30Jun14 | More