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headlightsHas Your Magazine Become Internet Road Kill?

Readers and advertisers are flocking online, leaving print publishers with escalating costs and loss of vital revenue streams. If your publication is experiencing any of the following then it’s time to enlist my skills and experience:

  • Losing readers?
  • Losing advertisers?
  • Losing ground to online competition?
  • Losing money?

Put my 28 years of publishing experience to help you increase profitability and build for the future. I can:

  • Identify and implement a successful online strategy
  • Improve content for maximum reader and advertiser retention
  • Improve new sub acquisitions
  • Reduce production and fulfillment costs
  • Build profitable ancillary products
  • Identify acquisitions or seek an acquirer
  • Evaluate staff
  • Develop business plans
  • … and much more

I know your market and I’ve been where you’re about to go. Now is the time to make the changes necessary to survive the coming shakeout; I look forward to discussing your needs and concerns.

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