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Ideo Reader Changes the Face of eBooks

A new take on the future of e-books. Ideo engages users in ways unavailable in print yet captures the old world essence of the printed page.

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The Limit is a Book for Every Motoring Fan

Outstanding account of immediate post war F1 motorsports focusing on Ferrari team rivals Phil Hill and Count Wolfgang Von Trips.

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Pay Twice for the Same Content? NFW!

A good way to piss off your subscribers. Maybe The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and damn few others can get away with a metered system. Not so for car mags vulnerable to online sources.

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Hearst on Digital Publishing

Hearst manages content and design across three channels: web, mobile, print, and sees an increasing role in advertorial content.

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How to Publish Online

Strategies for web only magazines. An excellent summary of the key benefits and techniques for a fully 100% online magazine.

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Amazing Barn Find Prewar Classics

Check out my feature story appearing in the October 11, 2007 issue of Old Cars Weekly about an amazing barn find of prewar classics from a Maryland collector. A client firm retained me to help with the collection’s purchase, removal, and eventual resale of selected vehicles. We’re not talking about ordinary Model Ts, though a [...]

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