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Layoffs at Source Interlink, Shutters Modified Magazine

How many more trees will fall in this forest? And will anybody hear?

3Feb2014 | | 0 comments | | Continued
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Road & Track Joins the Wrong List

Road & Track Declared a Top 10 Brand. BWTM.

29May2013 | | 1 comment | | Continued
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Automobile Quarterly Future Uncertain

Has AQ’s time come and gone?

26Jul2012 | | 182 comments | | Continued
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38 Automotive Titles Dead or Resting

The great shrinking market of motoring mags… yikes!

22Apr2012 | | 8 comments | | Continued
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National Speed Sport News Ends Print

National Speed Sport News ends 76-years filling the hearts and minds of motorsport fans.

23Mar2011 | | 0 comments | | Continued
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40+ Magazines Have Left the Building…

Tuff times in the magazine biz. These 40+ magazines gone but not forgotten.

18Mar2011 | | 4 comments | | Continued
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Car Collector Investor Timothy Durham Arrested

Car Collector investor is arrested on charges of fraud. The magazine ceased publication August 2010.

17Mar2011 | | 2 comments | | Continued
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Amos Consolidates Automotive Titles

Amos shutters six automotive titles and rebrands Cars & Parts.

7Sep2010 | | 0 comments | | Continued
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Car Collector Future Tied to Investor Durham

Investor Tim Durham’s Car Collector magazine faces a rough patch.

7Aug2009 | | 27 comments | | Continued
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American Driver MIA

American Driver is MIA. What’s going on with the glossy lifestyle mag?

28Jul2009 | | 1 comment | | Continued
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SI Dumps Sport Compact Car and Truck Trend

Source Interlink has axed a number of auto-related publications including Truck Trend and Sport Compact Car, and an estimated 100+ employees were shown the door. Among the biggies, that leaves Hot Rod, Motor Trend, and Automobile as lynch pins in SI’s stable. The publisher also has a number of overlapping titles so expect some form [...]

24Nov2008 | | 0 comments | | Continued
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What PC Mag’s Print Departure Means for Car Pubs

Web savvy readers made it easy for PC Magazine to kill the print version. Consumer auto pubs are not far behind while niche titles have more time.

20Nov2008 | | 0 comments | | Continued
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