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1964 VW Bug

When the wife turns 40 you better rise to the occasion. In a auto-obsessed family, that can mean only one thing: buy another car! Once upon a time, wife Betsy drove a VW Bug as her daily commuter. It served her well and she simply loved her beloved “Jed” in dark green and stick shift. [...]

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1939 Custer Go-Kart

Yup, that’s me October 1965 and proudly the chosen image for the family Christmas Card that year. And I’ll bet you’ve never seen a motorized go-kart quite like this 1939 Custer? Very little is known about Custer Manufacturing. I published what I could find on the company in the premier issue of Mobilia Magazine April [...]

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193? Hot Rod

What you see is all I have to show for my old-school rod project. Its a period-correct 8BA flattie with Navarro heads and Eddie Meyer intake. The plan, as they say, calls for a jumping on this project as the ’23 Duesy winds down to completion. Of course, I’ve been saying that for 10 years! [...]

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1966 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

Noted R&T columnist Henry Manney said it best on the debut of the E type in 1961: “The Greatest Crumpet Collector Known to Man.” Nothing before or since has equaled the E-Type’s stunning design and power for the dollar. From every angle, the E-Type grabs you by the heart strings and won’t let go. There’s [...]

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1959 Aston Martin DB4

Without a doubt, my ’59 Aston DB4 was simply the best all around sports car I’ve had the pleasure to own. For a stretch of time mid eighties to early nineties, the Aston and Jag shared garage space. Though the Jag outpaced the Aston in terms of handling and outright slingshot ability, the Aston offered [...]

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Amazing Barn Find Prewar Classics

Check out my feature story appearing in the October 11, 2007 issue of Old Cars Weekly about an amazing barn find of prewar classics from a Maryland collector. A client firm retained me to help with the collection’s purchase, removal, and eventual resale of selected vehicles. We’re not talking about ordinary Model Ts, though a [...]

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