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The Limit is a Book for Every Motoring Fan

Outstanding account of immediate post war F1 motorsports focusing on Ferrari team rivals Phil Hill and Count Wolfgang Von Trips.

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David E. Davis Gone at 80

Part A.J. Foyt and a good dose of Noel Coward, the ambassador of automotive journalism David E. leaves our world.

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1964 Ford Galaxie 427 Convertible

Big cubes, big power, the Killorin Galaxie can be yours!

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Kruse Auction Scam is Front Page News, So Where’s the Ink?

Kruse International heads into its signature Labor Day auction with a mountain of overdue debt, unpaid consignor proceeds, and too many wolves at the door. For chris’ sake, warn your readers.

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Michael Moore’s Detroit Fodder for Writers

Michael Moore wants us all coasting in neutral. What a story.

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Levesque Art Makes a Bold Statement

I love the automotive art of Canadian painter Alain Levesque. And what’s not to like about a Bauhaus interpretation of automotive shapes and images. Site visitors will note his exceptional works throughout Car Pub Insider, courtesy of exclusive U.S. distributor Jacques Vaucher of Texas gallery l’art et l’automobile. Jacques is now making Alain’s work available [...]

7Mar2008 | | 1 comment | | Continued
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Eric’s Cars are a Family Affair

It all began with my first ride as a newborn in the 1950 Riley, still in service and 1997 carriage of choice for my youngest son Sam at just three days old. Here I am with trusty sled alongside Dad and our family 1954 220S Mercedes Benz. Indelible memories of the prickly grey cloth upholstery and [...]

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1923 Duesenberg Model A Touring

There’s so much to tell about my 1923 Model A Duesenberg I truly don’t know where to begin. Briefly, my father acquired the Duesy in 1948 sans body, believed to have been a formal sedan sacrificed for the aluminium scrap drive during WW II. He managed to locate a period twenties Caddy touring car body [...]

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1994 Mercedes Benz E500

Make no mistake, MB’s 500E/E500 series from the mid-nineties rank right up there in the pecking order of insanely perfect performance sedans. For three years (1992-94), Benz and Porsche teamed up to create a high-powered stealth sedan using the E-class platform and the big brother’s five-litre twin cam V8. Then Porsche tweaked the power plant [...]

2Feb2008 | | 1 comment | | Continued
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1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible

Nothing beats a big American convertible from those days when Detroit ruled and big actually meant something. After dabbling in all manner of furrin cars including Jags and Astons, it was time for a dose of good ole American iron. The fall 2007 RM auction at Hershey featured the perfect antidote with just the right [...]

8Jan2008 | | 2 comments | | Continued
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1950 Riley 2-1/2 Litre Saloon

This 1950 Riley 2-1/2 litre saloon holds a special place in our family’s history with automobiles. Afterall, it offered my first car ride – as a newborn – way back in 1954 when it was already four years old. Bought new by my father from a Connecticut dealer in 1950, the RMB, as the Brits [...]

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1926 Duesenberg Model A sedan

You’ve read about my 1923 Model A Duesenberg in a related post within this section. Smitten with Duesys, in about 1996 I managed to run across the proverbial barn find in the form of an all-original 1926 Model A sedan that hadn’t seen the light of day since the 1930s. After some negotiating, its then [...]

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