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eric-riley.jpgFrom the late seventies to today, just about every aspect of the publishing process has figured into my business career. Ranging from editing and production to direct marketing and the web, ink and oil joined to make a creative stew.

It all began in 1978 with computer industry research and publishing, then in 1983 launching my first publishing enterprise serving a business audience of data communications management. This was followed by eight years as founder and publisher of Mobilia Magazine aimed at a consumer market of automotive enthusiasts.

Today I have the opportunity to contribute my skills and experience for the benefit of publishers seeking strategic direction during this era of profound change in our industry.

Mobilia Magazine

Mobilia® Magazinecame into being in 1993 after I saw a surge in interest for automotive artifacts and the market was ripe for publication serving this growing marketplace. It quickly became the dominant resource for collectors of automobilia, NASCAR merchandise, and collectible toys and models. Mobiliauniquely targeted an constituency beyond the immediate segment of automobilia to a broader audience of car enthusiasts. This formula included auction coverage, market analysis, collector profiles, advertising, and a unique database of every available scale model indexed by marque. Of course as founder and publisher, I had no choice but learn and apply everything required to market and publish including a willingness to test a variety of circ-building methods borrowed from newsletter economics. My “AutoTalk” column ran for over 30 issues and featured topics ranging from hot rodding, restoration, and the auction scene, to designers, online shopping, and marque related topics.

Mobilia layout

Circulation efforts for Mobilia® Magazineranged from direct mail, onserts, tip-ins, trade shows, and newsstand and achieved a paid readership of 35,000. One particular 600,000-Mobilia DM campaign yielded a 4% net response and 91% cash-with. This campaign won the prestigious Folio Magazine 1996 Gold Award for success in direct response. Mobilia Magazine was sold to Krause Publications in 1999.

In 1994, I developed the web’s first specialty automotive website at, which grew to an e-commerce platform serving the $28.9B specialty automotive market. was venture-backed with 30 full-time professionals. It did not survive a second round of financing and closed in late 2000. Every time you visit eBay Motors or any leading automotive web e-commerce site you are seeing the legacy of Mobilia in action.

Oil in the Veins

As for car credentials, you could say I have oil in the veins. When other kids were at the ball park, I was wrenching alongside my car-obsessed father, frequenting car events shows and reading every possible tomb about the history of the automobile. Over the years Detroit Iron and “furrin” sports cars frequented the Killorin garage. I have been privileged to judge at The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance held annually in Monterey, Concours America in Plymouth, MI, the Classic Car Club of America, and the Auburn Cord Duesenberg club. Today, my shop features two family heirlooms: a 1923 Model A Duesenberg owned since 1948, and a 1950 Riley RMB bought new, my first ride as a newborn! More about my car interests here.

Car Pub Insider Puts Us in Contact

So why go to all this trouble with Car Pub Insider when I’m not charging a cent for its unique and timely content? For one, I thoroughly enjoy managing the blog and, secondly, I can’t think of a better way to connect with publishers who need help adapting to today’s challenging environment.

I can be reached via email.

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