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Welcome CPICar Pub Insider is About the Future of Automotive Publications and Digital Media

CPI is ground zero for the latest news and success tips for publishers, advertisers, and web specialists. Here you’ll read about circulation, marketing, advertising, launches, exits, acquisitions, websites, eZines, blogs, industry trends, and much more.

CPI is based on my 28+ years in publishing serving consumer and business audiences, and web pioneer having launched the first specialty automotive website in 1995. Plus I’m a hardcore car guy (more about me).

While CPI is technically a blog, its layout and presentation resemble more of an online newsletter or even a magazine (hint to publishers stuck with eZines!). I’ve invested in a unique template wrapped in buckets of custom programming and features. I hope you’ll agree that the end result is readable, engaging, crisp, and most importantly, an effective example of where magazines are headed:

Blogs will morph into online magazines offering publishers a powerful array of new features and tools to capture readers and advertisers. The web was not designed for converting print magazines to an electronic format. The web enables readers to create a new and innovative combination with writers unattainable in print. Publishers own their words, they have branding, they have customers. Now is the time to exploit those assets in new ways.

The publishing industry is undergoing profound change, not the least of which are unprecedented declines in readership and loss of ad dollars… most attributed to online competition. Today’s consumers expect more timely information to aid buying decisions and to be informed on a general basis. Publishers still hold court with their subject matter expertise and customer lists, but not for long. Loyalties are fickle when cheaper and more efficient options abound.

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