Hemmings Announces Digital Editions

Hemmings is now offering their suite of collector car publications in digital formats. The ezines are repackaged versions of the print editions.

Pricing for one-year subscriptions are as follows: Hemmings Motors News ($12), Muscle Machines ($7), Classic Car ($7), Sports & Exotic ($7), or all four for $25.

More here.

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  1. First quarter expected to show a big drop in circ and a lot of advertisers are ticked off. Look at OCW and Cars & Parts and Hemings is still the big one.

  2. Your site showed up on facebook. I’m a car a magazine junkie with more stuff in the basement I care admit to. What’s the purpose of this website? Clever stuff. I still get HMN and my group of car buddies do their deals online eBay and AutoTrader and not much any more at HMN but maybe that will change. What do you think of the iPad?

  3. FB kicked off and we’re experimenting. IPad has done more to shake up the laptop market but fails, no fault of its own, as a publication reader. Magazines’ content polluted by format. When content adapts TO the e-device then we’ve got something. Thanks for the comments.

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