The Top 10 Reasons Why Publishers Need a Wake Up Call

Now for a little levity, herewith my own take on Letterman’s Top Ten as it pertains to the reality-denial playing out at car magazines throughout the land.

I’m no fortune teller, but I do know a trend or two and the print religion is gonna end badly for the ones stubbornly clinging to a multi-channel strategy dominated by pulp fiction. But enough bashing, here we go in traditional descending order, the Top Ten Reasons Why Automotive Publishers Need a Wake Up Call…

10. We’re so into Quark Express we started a cult.
9. I want to hold something real in my hands.
8. We haven’t sold our inventory of custom binders.
7. Three out of our original 900 charter subscribers are still alive.
6. Eric’s blog needs a Lemmings Award.
5. We’re hip, we’re cool, our magazine can be downloaded anytime after our print subscribers stop reading.
4. The goddam web is for people who don’t have a record player.
3. That Internet thing means no Gold Ink Award.
2. I thought broadband had something to do with Dolly Parton.

And the #1 Reason Why Automotive Publishers Need a Wake Up Call…

1. There’s no greater rush than watching our postman deliver a sack full of bounce-back cards.

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  1. I’m a publisher from the old times and thought you were pretty correct. Funny except to the people you cover at this site.

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