SCM Blog Not Ready for Prime Time

empty bookWhy do publishers launch blogs? Because they can.

A quickie install of WordPress with a stock template and a few token articles does not translate into mission accomplished. An effective blog launch should contain a critical mass of in-depth content and marketing that resonates with prospects. 

Yet publishers often see blogs as merely another tool to become web friendly. And I suspect that was thinking behind Sports Car Market’s new blog.

With a robust stash of editorial content and writers not shy with their opinions, SCM’s blog debut could have been a barn-burner. Instead we have a handful of ordinary story lines and MIA guest comments. I’m not complaining about the posts’ news component, but to be effective, I’d like to see a more conversational writing style combined with punchy opinion and commentary.

Then we have marketing about “the blog” versus the content. Readers don’t visit blogs for their own sake, they come to blogs to be informed, entertained, or both.

Dare I say, an effective SCM blog might contain something like:

  • The Coming Crash in Collector Car Values;
  • Mopar Hemis Tank with Over-Stimulated Donut Heads;
  • “Sales” That Were No-Sales at Barrett-Jackson;
  • SCM and Russo & Steele Like Reserve Auctions and Here’s Why;
  • Bentley Arnage Owner Says “Dash it All Jeeves, We Simply Cannot Afford the Petrol;”
  • Overpriced Yuppie Trash Scores Big with Wannabee Car Punters;
  • It Hurst When I Pee.

Blogs can be a terrific traffic driver or a huge distraction. Do it right, and your publication can enjoy a new revenue stream from paid advertising and expanded brand reach. Do it wrong, and you’ve wasted another opportunity to move with the times.

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