Magazines Rank 5th Among Car Shoppers

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With enough bad news effecting publishers, here’s further evidence that magazines are becoming a less valued resource to car buyers. According to

  • Nearly 32% of consumers who are in the market for a car check out non-car maker websites.
  • Magazines rank 5th, or 7%, among car buyers.
  • Nearly one-third of in-market respondents to a BurstMedia study in January 2007 agreed that the Internet was the best source for getting automotive information—except for automobile websites.
  • Automakers’ sites ranked fourth, behind friends and family and local auto dealers.
  • Online advertising for cars works best on Web sites that have nothing to do with automobiles.
  • Automotive sites were ranked fifth in terms of click-through, interactivity and time spent with rich media campaigns for cars, in a study released in January 2007 by PointRoll.

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  1. pretty soon you won’t need a buyers guide. it’s over for domestic brands.

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