AutoWeek Circ Down 26%

A 26% drop in paid circ for AutoWeek is expected to be reversed by the 2009 time frame, according to Lisa O’Brien, AutoWeek’s Audience Development Manager.

The loss of 93K paid subs, with 91K just one year between 2005 and 2006, could be interpreted as a negative trend, particularly for advertisers and production economies of scale. Today’s challenged environment, however, has reinforced the time-honored value of investing in targeted circulation.

AutoWeek Total Paid Circulation 2003 -2007. Source Audit Statement December 31, 2007
















Lisa offered the following comments regarding AutoWeek’s circulation strategy:

Recognizing that there has been a significant shift in circulation over the last few years, this is a trend that we are in the midst of turning around. With the 2008 June ABC statement we will be at 275,000 and will continue to increase towards a plan of 350,000 circulation by the end of 2009. The decline that you noted previous was a business strategy on our part to cut out circulation which will felt was neither the most targeted, relevant or representative of what we strive for the AutoWeek audience.  2008 is a year of regrowth for us with a renewed focus on delivering the right circulation. We will continue to build our circulation through select and relevant partnerships, online marketing and various marketing campaigns, resulting in paid subscription growth.

To add 100K paid subs in one year will be no small feat, and the magazine’s website needs a significant revision to emphasize the unique content that have become hallmarks of the veteran title.

Any AutoWeek advertisers out there? Please post your comments pertaining to ad results.

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  1. If they do any more “green” issues they will lose another 100,000 readers. AutoWeek is supposed to be a car magazine for car people and not for the Seirra club.

  2. AutoWeek has great coverage of the race scene. I read little else so cannot comment much about other stories. Issues seem a bit thin and it would be nice to have a car magazine that’s not afraid to say it straight. I attend most of the collector car auctions and bogus bidding is rampant, why don’t they report on that stuff?

  3. My sources indicate that the LeGrande Duesenberg did not in fact sell at BJ Scottsdale, a reported $1M “sale.”

  4. Ms. Lisa sounds like a spin doctor from a publishing company lacking the wherewithal to sustain circ.

  5. Newsstand conspicuously missing from the AutoWeek circulation equation.

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