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May Debut for Prewar Auto Notes

Prewar Auto Notes premiers in May aimed at collectors of pre WWII vehicles. The new title comes to the market courtesy of founding publisher Keith Mathiowetz, former editor of Old Cars Weekly. Keith is a regarded automotive journalist and passionate enthusiast of prewar vehicles. He describes his new publication in similar fashion: “This has been [...]

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Are Consumer Mags the Walking Dead?

Consumer magazines are taking a hit at the newsstand with lower efficiencies, and in subscriptions with a loss of loyal readers. Add a defection of ad dollars online, and you’ve got a perfect storm. The leading automotive titles have a certain undeniable appeal to enthusiasts and value for episodic car shoppers, but is that enough to [...]

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Magazines Rank 5th Among Car Shoppers

With enough bad news effecting publishers, here’s further evidence that magazines are becoming a less valued resource to car buyers. According to Nearly 32% of consumers who are in the market for a car check out non-car maker websites. Magazines rank 5th, or 7%, among car buyers. Nearly one-third of in-market respondents to a BurstMedia study [...]

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Hemmings Digital is a Web Edsel

EZines, or digital versions of printed pages, once had their rightful place as a mid-life kicker circa Web 1.0. Hemmings Digital attempts to retain online readers but its execution is too little too late.

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Upsell Advertisers With Conquesting

When it comes to slamming the competition, “Conquesting” allows automotive advertisers to attach counter-claims published in online editorial. Here’s how it works. Take, for example, where the site touts the new Dodge Ram pickup. Within that page area Chevy posts advertising directly challenging the editorial. Readers are treated to a war of words though it comes [...]

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Traction Holds Key to American Driver

There’s much to like about American Driver, but can this slick lifestyle mag attract sufficient paid advertising to survive a changing marketplace? Mags for the rich and famous are dependent on glam ads to go with glam editorial. While a few advertisers may be okay with a presence in this attractive publication, financial pressures in today’s [...]

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Go or No-Go for Hot Rod Deluxe?

As an unabashed fan of “proper” hot rods, the premier comeback issue of Hot Rod Deluxe is a welcome addition. But can publisher Source Interlink make a compelling business case with HRD’s unique twist on old school rodding? Hot Rod Deluxe is under an evaluation period with the expectation to produce quarterly, possibly bi-monthly. Results [...]

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Car Collector to Expand

Car Collector is a monthly enthusiast title featuring concours events, collector and marque profiles, and related advertising. The magazine has managed itself through a few changes in ownership over the years and current owners have opted to diversify through acquisition. Publisher Jeff Broadus indicated to me their intention to acquire niche titles in markets outside [...]

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AutoWeek Circ Down 26%

A 26% drop in paid circ for AutoWeek is expected to be reversed by the 2009 time frame, according to Lisa O’Brien, AutoWeek’s Audience Development Manager. The loss of 93K paid subs, with 91K just one year between 2005 and 2006, could be interpreted as a negative trend, particularly for advertisers and production economies of [...]

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