1923 Duesenberg Model A Touring

Duesy Chassis postThere’s so much to tell about my 1923 Model A Duesenberg I truly don’t know where to begin.

Briefly, my father acquired the Duesy in 1948 sans body, believed to have been a formal sedan sacrificed for the aluminium scrap drive during WW II. He managed to locate a period twenties Caddy touring car body which closely resembled the stock Duesenberg phaetons of the era. He made some rudimentary parts to fill the gaps, got her running, and there she was: the perfect fifties restoration!

Over the course of several decades, the Duesy got a proper paint job, new upholstery, and a few mechanical upgrades. She took us from hometown Andover, Massachusetts to Auburn, Indiana (the Meccas for car nutz) on several occasions and of course the requisite local jaunts to nearby events. I grew up slathering ice cream cones in the back seat with neighborhood chums and eventually helping Dad wrench on the weekends.

Today, my father is gone but the cherished family heirloom remains. The Duesy is now on its final lap of a full restoration consuming many years and dollars. Alotta work from yours truly and a number of fantastic contributions from good friends and shops along the way.

The shown photo of our three kids and the Duesy as a fully operational running chassis about 2005. With luck, early 2010 will see the completed bolide right down to the pin-striping!

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