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Eric’s Cars are a Family Affair

It all began with my first ride as a newborn in the 1950 Riley, still in service and 1997 carriage of choice for my youngest son Sam at just three days old. Here I am with trusty sled alongside Dad and our family 1954 220S Mercedes Benz. Indelible memories of the prickly grey cloth upholstery and [...]

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QuadrantOne Ad Network too Late?

Media Week has reported the formation of quadrantOne, a network of four media companies that will sell national advertising across their websites. QuadrantOne comprises: 175 newspaper and TV Web sites of its four partners Gannett Co., Hearst Corp. The New York Times Co. and Tribune Co. The network will reach more than 50 million monthly [...]

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Consumers Control Content

It’s about the consumer, stupid. Andy Kessler’s article “A Future for Newspapers” talks about the meaning of The Pipe, the conduit between provider (publisher) and receiver (reader). Control the pipe, as the logic goes, control the consumer. Today, writers and readers are at parity. This blog is a good example where I write and you write and [...]

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Print Trends and Other Horror Stories

The disappointing condition of the magazine and newspaper industry has become front page news in, of all paces, newspapers. This blog post summarizes a number of articles that I feel are pertinent to automotive publishers. Local Newspaper’s Web Scramble… With newspaper sales staffs on a web learning curve, ad sales have tended to focus on print. [...]

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When Acquiring, Think Number One

Publishers on an acquisition spree should take note from Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison. A February 6, 2008 Wall Street Journal compares the style of Ellison with the more convoluted approach taken by Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer as the latter’s firm attempts to acquire Yahoo. Publishers can learn much from Ellison’s simple mantra for growth via acquisition: [...]

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Don’t Laugh, Pub’s Index on Floppy

Shameful enough that some publishers build a website  in 2008 that hearkens back to the era of dial-up. So what could be more bizarre than marketing your magazine’s article index on a floppy diskette? One look at Collectible Automobile is enough to confirm their production values and graphics are deeply rooted in an era when phones rang [...]

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1923 Duesenberg Model A Touring

There’s so much to tell about my 1923 Model A Duesenberg I truly don’t know where to begin. Briefly, my father acquired the Duesy in 1948 sans body, believed to have been a formal sedan sacrificed for the aluminium scrap drive during WW II. He managed to locate a period twenties Caddy touring car body [...]

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1994 Mercedes Benz E500

Make no mistake, MB’s 500E/E500 series from the mid-nineties rank right up there in the pecking order of insanely perfect performance sedans. For three years (1992-94), Benz and Porsche teamed up to create a high-powered stealth sedan using the E-class platform and the big brother’s five-litre twin cam V8. Then Porsche tweaked the power plant [...]

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