1964 VW Bug

When the wife turns 40 you better rise to the occasion. In a auto-obsessed family, that can mean only one thing: buy another car!

Once upon a time, wife Betsy drove a VW Bug as her daily commuter. It served her well and she simply loved her beloved “Jed” in dark green and stick shift. Jed was long gone by the time I arrived on the scene and when we finally managed to settle into Vermont living, two kids (at that point), and a frequent turnover of interesting cars, it was time to recapture Beetle Mania for the sake of equality among spouses. Betsy was coming up on her 40th birthday and what better gift than a vintage Bug?

With the help of Aston friend and sometime VW nut Steve Serio, the perfect specimen came our way: a ’64 Bug with sliding sunroof and great colors of putty cream and reddish brown interior. Of course, the entire transaction and delivery needed to take place on the QT as surprise was the operative word.

Success greeted her that memorable birthday as Betsy relived her younger driving days behind the wheel of this new member of the family. And for at least one year, the faithful Bug served as my daily transport. I gained a whole new respect for these timeless vehicles.

Alas, like all good things that come to an end, the novelty of redux VW ownership wore off and the ’64 found its way to a delightful new owner in the Stamford, CT area with a history of Bug fever similar to my wife’s.

As Betsy often said, “everyone has a VW story.” You know, she’s right.

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