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Bid Retractions on eBay

Has anyone noticed a recent uptick in bidder retractions on eBay Motors? Here’s two of note: a $139K bid yanked on a Ferrari 512BB that brought the listing to the seventy-grand range and where the car struggled to hit $90K at auction close. Didn’t make reserve. Then a ’73 BMW 2002 tii was pulled before [...]

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WSJ to Retain Paid Web Subs

Rupert Murdoch, newly-minted owner of The Wall Street Journal, had signaled his intention to make the newspaper’s website a free service. Instead, Murdoch will retain both paid and non-paid areas with enhancements to each during 2008. The newspaper hopes to upsell free traffic into paid online subs. Online-only sub prices are projected to increase from $20 to [...]

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Mixed Bag at Scottsdale Auctions

One-fifty large for a numbers-matching ’70 Hemi ‘Cuda, $300K for a ’69 Mustang Boss 429, $1M for a 1933 Duesenberg dual cowl phaeton. No, these aren’t pre-9/11 values, they are the latest sales results from the January 2008 Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ. Just last year the subject Cuda would have easily topped $300K, [...]

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Advertisers: I Want You

If you’re an automotive advertiser then Car Pub Insider wants to know where your ad dollars are working and wasted. I’d also like to know your selling experiences on the web along with any new trends. Don’t be bashful. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and show that you mean business. Post right [...]

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High Bid is Market

Use eBay Motors’ auction format to advertise, and pollute your car’s value. Many eBay vendors simply don’t expect to sell their wares on the auction site and rely on the popular forum to gain a cheap and arguably effective form of advertising. Whatever the rationale, bidding inevitably ensues, reserve is often not met, and the [...]

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1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible

Nothing beats a big American convertible from those days when Detroit ruled and big actually meant something. After dabbling in all manner of furrin cars including Jags and Astons, it was time for a dose of good ole American iron. The fall 2007 RM auction at Hershey featured the perfect antidote with just the right [...]

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1950 Riley 2-1/2 Litre Saloon

This 1950 Riley 2-1/2 litre saloon holds a special place in our family’s history with automobiles. Afterall, it offered my first car ride – as a newborn – way back in 1954 when it was already four years old. Bought new by my father from a Connecticut dealer in 1950, the RMB, as the Brits [...]

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1926 Duesenberg Model A sedan

You’ve read about my 1923 Model A Duesenberg in a related post within this section. Smitten with Duesys, in about 1996 I managed to run across the proverbial barn find in the form of an all-original 1926 Model A sedan that hadn’t seen the light of day since the 1930s. After some negotiating, its then [...]

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1964 VW Bug

When the wife turns 40 you better rise to the occasion. In a auto-obsessed family, that can mean only one thing: buy another car! Once upon a time, wife Betsy drove a VW Bug as her daily commuter. It served her well and she simply loved her beloved “Jed” in dark green and stick shift. [...]

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1939 Custer Go-Kart

Yup, that’s me October 1965 and proudly the chosen image for the family Christmas Card that year. And I’ll bet you’ve never seen a motorized go-kart quite like this 1939 Custer? Very little is known about Custer Manufacturing. I published what I could find on the company in the premier issue of Mobilia Magazine April [...]

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193? Hot Rod

What you see is all I have to show for my old-school rod project. Its a period-correct 8BA flattie with Navarro heads and Eddie Meyer intake. The plan, as they say, calls for a jumping on this project as the ’23 Duesy winds down to completion. Of course, I’ve been saying that for 10 years! [...]

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1966 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

Noted R&T columnist Henry Manney said it best on the debut of the E type in 1961: “The Greatest Crumpet Collector Known to Man.” Nothing before or since has equaled the E-Type’s stunning design and power for the dollar. From every angle, the E-Type grabs you by the heart strings and won’t let go. There’s [...]

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